Education and training
Elementary and secondary education prepares our children for a new technological future. Advanced education and training allows us to keep up with an ever-evolving community. Education is one of the keys to our future and funding it now prepares us for the future.
“I will support legislation that promotes education and training.”

Jobs and Opportunities
More jobs, fair wages, the right for unions to negotiate, and new businesses would increase the state’s revenues, allow our government to provide the services we need, and improve our economy. More jobs will provide the economic stability and mobility that we need.
“I will support legislation that produces more jobs and opportunities.”

Small Business and Working Families
We need a strong business entrepreneur that understands the importance of small business and working families and how they drive the economy. LeFrancis has experience running a 27 million dollar business operation and thirty seven years of business ownership.
“I will support legislation for small business and working families.”

Honor and Protect Our Veterans
Veterans fought for our freedoms and LeFrancis believes in honoring these men and women. He will fight for their access to education, quality health care, finding jobs once their service is complete, and housing and support services for the homeless.
“I will support legislation that honors and protects our Veterans”

Affordable Housing and Real Property Rights
The housing element is critical to our future so our leadership must find ways to provide affordable housing for the working community. I will use my 37 years of experience as a Real Estate Broker and Developer to improve housing and be an advocate for private property rights.
“I will support legislation for affordable housing and real property rights.”

A Stronger and Just Economy
A just economy that works for all must encompass food, work, safety, protection of property rights, consumer protection, affordable housing, tax credits for low-income families, best tax dollar use, business incentives, fiscal responsibility, and protection of human rights programs.
“I will support legislation for a stronger and just economy.”

Energy Independence.
Since our choice of energy directly effects our health, environment, and climate, we must move towards cleaner, healthier, energy sources. We must make smart decisions now to support clean renewable energy so that we can protect our quality of life in our communities and our state.
“I will support legislation that produces energy independence”