Attendee: Empowerment Congress

Early Saturday morning, January 19, 2013, LeFrancis attended the 21st Annual Summit of the Empowerment Congress. This year’s theme: “Empowerment: The Real Election Connection”. The varied attendees — business owners, community leaders, constituents, and local grass-root organizers — met in various “Advocating for Change and Organizing for Empowerment” workshops to discuss issues that are important to the culturally diverse 2nd Supervisorial District of Los Angeles County where Mark Ridley-Thomas is the Supervisor. LeFrancis, a business owner for 37 years, attended the “Accountable Law Enforcement in Los Angeles County” workshop. The panelist included: John Mack, Moderator (Commissioner, Los Angeles Police Department); Miriam Krinsky (Former Executive Director, Los Angeles County Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence); Patrisse Cullors (Lead Organizer, Coalition to End Sheriff Violence in LA County Jails); Brian Moriguchi (President, Professional Peace Officers Association (PPOA)); and Samuel Paz (Civil Rights Attorney, Law Offices of Samuel Paz). There was lively discussion about the various law enforcement agencies already in place that can enhance accountability and promote structural reform for policing.